Checking Out from the Garage



… and our house is not prepared.

Having just moved into this house in northern Michigan, we’ve had a lot of rough patches. The latest one is the simple fact that we’re not sealed against the cold of winter. Our windows are old and leak, some of our doors don’t seal properly, and the wall added to the house before we moved in to connect house to garage is actually not insulated at all.

On top of that, my little sister and I have no real winter clothes. Heck, I hardly own any shirts with sleeves on them.

As a disabled person, I’m currently fighting tooth and nail to get on SSI so I can help my family. But as it is, we barely have money (even with SNAP benefits) to make it through monthly necessities.

Please, if you can’t afford to commission me, consider reblogging this and spreading the word.

I also accept donations and tips for the general running of this blog, which is largely founded on my passion, writing. Donations can be made through the paypal button on my page.

Some guidelines:

  • No more than three (3) characters to a commission
  • Direct your questions to my inbox
  • Payments must go through paypal

I will draw

  • OCs and Characters from shows/movies/comics
  • AU variations of characters (example: Cyberpunk Barry Allen)
  • Gore
  • Sensual/Romantic art
  • Single-panel scenarios
  • Surreal imagery

I will not draw

  • Porn
  • Elaborate backgrounds
  • Full comics
  • Mecha/Giant Robots/Robot suits
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((I really need to get back into that rp, but I’ve just been really tired lately. :/
Sorry. But hopefully I can motivate myself to get on my laptop later tonight. Right now I just want to veg in front of the tv and watch the Simpsons.))

To say the least, it’s startling to be suddenly removed from your seat and thrown over someone’s shoulder like a cheap flour sack. He can only assume Shi must have smelled danger and while its probably a waste of breath (so to speak), the questions pour forth anyway. “What’s going on? Where’s Dowel? Where are we going?”
“…I can walk on my own, ya know.”

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bonus points for the reason


hey *leans against wall* wanna ship our ocs *slips and falls*

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(Golem!verse because 'bots don't technically sleep 'n' all.) Em blinked down the length of the couch where they had been watching the movie, tucked between Gage's extended legs and the cushions, then papped one of his socked feet. "Wake u', Gay, you cryin'. UP."

He isn’t sure at what point he had fallen asleep during the movie, but it must have been one of the action scenes that had sent him into a bad dream. The touching of his foot startles him awake with a flitch. It takes him a moment to remember where he is, the nightmare steadily fading away. He registers the tears still on his cheeks and he wipes them away with the back of his hand.
He slowly sits up enough to look at Em, proping up one arm and rubbing the sleep out of his eye with the other hand. “Thanks for the wake up call, kiddo. Didn’t scare ya, did I?”
((E calls him Gay, haha that’s so cute. :3))

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Anonymously tell me what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat it. I am just genuinely intrigued.
Your muse hears mine screaming in their sleep. How does yours react?

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A WIP of what I’ve been doodling intermittently throughout the day:


Because I want to reiterate that Paul gave Shi the hardest feckin hair to draw.


addiction relapse

((This particular one is better answered by me.
Saying addition relapse without context is likely to irritate him marginally and make him question what you’re on about. But the concept of a relapse is one of his biggest fears.))

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